Friday, 3 October 2014


It's been very long time since I've posted a post here.

Lots have changed, many things have been achieved, and I've found love of my life.

I've received my MBA, and started my career at financial sector, specifically in capital market. I've found my passion in financial market, and gained some certificates from Coursera and prestigious universities, Yale, Columbia etc.

Funny thing is when I just started to work at my current job many places made job offers to me, after few months job hunt. Yet I've already made my choice and signed contract. I'm very loyal person, and want to understand, support and to do things from deep of my heart.

I miss London, but I'm with my family and more importantly the person I wanna spend my life with is here with me. She is the person I've been searching from the beginning. I'm sure she is the one. I love her whatever she does, but at the same time I'm afraid to lose. It may sound insecure, but I cannot imagine my life without her. It will be miserable at the best.

Anyway, after long time I've learnt much, found my true love, started my career, and also created me OWN COMPANY :D


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